Big Tech now bullying lawmakers to get your patient data 😶 You okay with that?

Patient privacy be damned.

It’s pretty straightforward, actually. Patient-protection laws lower Big Tech’s ability to make their billions. Silicon Valley executives openly denigrate consumer-safety regulations as “friction”.

And now they’re bullying DC lawmakers into letting them do whatever they want with your most personal health data.

How do you know this is really about the data, and not the uber-spin of “patient freedom” and the false promises of “anonymized data” they’re peddling?

Five reasons:

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers just revealed that consumer willingness to use Silicon Valley’s avalanche of new “digital health” products — is stalling due to privacy and security concerns.

  • And in a separate study, Kantar researchers say more than half of U.S. consumers point to privacy and security concerns as the reason they don’t use “digital health” products like wearables and telemedicine.

  • The American Medical Association — in an unprecedented public comment — this week said “most digital health” products are “unusable”. (The AMA and several other medical associations first sounded the alarm about Big Tech’s deadly appetite back in September.)

  • The medical community is voicing grave concern about the government’s five-year Healthcare IT Strategic Plan. Some are calling for Congressional oversight of the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology.

  • The healthcare industry loudly joined the medical community in saying patient privacy and data security are their top concerns in evaluating any new technology

And how do you know the promises of “anonymized data” are false?

Big Tech is lying.

So they can get their hands on your most personal health data with no strings attached.

You okay with that?





  • The $1 trillion market cap club is Saudi Aramco, Apple, Microsoft and Google… in that order. For the record, Apple was first, back in August 2018, and Amazon briefly followed (but has since receded).

  • Hey Financial Times, we see what you did here… 😳 😅

  • Also at this week’s JPM Healthcare investor conference: Ernst & Young — very politely — said the healthcare industry is doing m&a wrong


And finally… It’s dinner time: Do you know what’s in your burger?